COBB COUNTY, Ga. – Exclusive dash-cam video obtained by Channel 2 Action News caught an officer’s interaction with a woman who said she was afraid to move her hands during a traffic stop.

Cobb County police Chief Mike Register told Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Mark Winne that after Channel 2 Action News submitted an open-records request, he and his command staff looked at the video.

“Remember, we only kill black people. We only kill black people, right?” the Cobb County police officer can be heard saying on the video.

On Friday, they opened an internal investigation. (End Quote.)

See, this is the shit I be talking about!!! And I can guarantee that all he’s going to get is a slap on the wrist and a paid vacation! Can we please revolt now… Or yall still sleep? They are no longer hiding their racist qualities anymore. Its right under our noses. So now what?! Are we going to wait until they have the gun to your head to rise up? There’s a civil war being produced. Are you prepared?

Click to see full video: Officer tells woman They Only Kill Black People


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