One day, someone posted a question asking what happened to black love. It didn’t take me more than 5 seconds to give my answer… “It died when Women’s Liberation & Black Feminism started.” Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking what do i mean by this. Maybe you’re telling yourself that it was for the greater good of black women. But, at what cost? Let me break it down the best way I can.

Women’s Liberation, aka The Feminist Movement, has taken a toll on not only black women (who followed suit) but the black family. That wasn’t for us, but they made it about us and turned us away from our own men. They created a sense of extreme dependency.. They had us say things like, “I don’t need a man for anything.” Really think about how that sounds!

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being single. Or having a voice in today’s world. I’m an advocate for women’s empowerment.. But there’s always a line, and we’ve  crossed it!

What made it worse was when they created the welfare system and started “helping” urban women gain full independence. Giving them housing, food stamps, anything you could think of to keep that Black Man out of the home. Sure it seemed like help. And back in those times, when the crack/heroine epidemic was so heavy, who wouldn’t take a free home and food? But then as that happened the ultimatums came also. “I’ll give you this, for that.” And low and behold the Independent women was molded, and the men were set free.

So what do these Men have to turn to when they’re own women gave them their backs? Other men! Homosexuality soon sky rocketed after and birthed the dangerous “Down low brother”. And bam, we fell for it again. Yet another way for them to keep us from producing life. The ultimate goal. Depopulation!

And it’s getting worse in today’s times. We have young men putting on wigs and dresses as a form of “comedy”, what happened to good old fashion stand-up? Our own rappers and entertainers went Fem. I’ve never seen so many dresses in hip hop! Then you have homosexuality on every television station, even in our children’s shows. It’s  glorified disgust.

People ask me often when does it all stop? I look at them and say “When You Stop Accepting It!”

It all starts with us as a whole. But we’re so brainwashed into believing these kinds of things are normal.. They want us to keep this Willie Lynch syndrome in our hearts.

I say we boycott The System, The Media, Music, & Sports. Start training our minds to love ourselves so that we can love each other again. AND FIGHT! Not amongst ourselves but against the oppressor who broke up our once happy homes. “What would our ancestors do?”

I’m not scared to say that I need a MAN. I’m not afraid to submit to my black men. I’m not scared to let a man be a man. A GOD in human form. A KING. Because thats what they are. And whats a King without his Queen?


The Cause

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