A while back I posted about Yoni cleansing, and my page went into a complete uproar! You could just smell the lack of knowledge on the subject.. (no pun intended)… well today, I’m here to let you know that vaginal cleanse is necessary for all women, especially those who feel as though there’s nothing wrong down there.

First let me explain what Yoni steaming is. Yoni steaming is a practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steaming to permeate the vagina. And gives you the chance to reconnect with your body as well as to heal yourself back to its natural state as well as regulating your Cycles.

Yoni steaming

The benefits of Yoni steaming include but are not limited to:

● reduces pain, bloating and exhaustion due to menstration ● decreases the menstrual flow and reduces purplish Brown blood at the end of the cycle ● increases fertility ● reduces uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness and endometriosis ● assists vaginal tear, episiotomy or C-section scars ● heals hemorrhoids ● relieves yeast infection and produces a healthy ordor ● eases symptoms of menopause and dryness as well as pain during sexual intercourse ● detoxifies and removes all toxins within the womb ● releases stored emotions and Taps into the energy of their creative potential, and so much more!

A few of the herbs used for steaming include Rosemary, oregano, basil, motherwort, yarrow, raspberry leaf, lavender, nettle, Sage, marigold, lemon balm, Etc (for steam products & FAQs follow @yonisteams on Instagram, or refer to the comment section in the video posted above)

Some of you may ask, “Isn’t the vagina self cleansing?” The answer for that is yes, however, many of us still carry stress inside of our wombs. Between the stress of having to take care of the world’s needs, to emotional and sexual trauma, also eating bad foods, and also birth control, it all adds up. The best part about steaming is that it relieves you of any old energies and feelings from past partners! (Dantè, who?) Lol.


As good as Yoni steaming sounds, you’re probably wondering… What are the some cons of using these products?

Because your body is releasing all those old toxins you may experience very uncomfortable itchiness, watery discharge, extreme foul odor, and Mild cramping. This will all pass as the cleanse continues to work. *I recommend taking a dead sea or Epsom salt bath then afterwards applying coconut oil to the V*

In conclusion, I highly recommend Yoni steaming as well as Yoni pearls for all women 18 & up. I myself do not use Yoni pearls, but after thorough research I can vouch for its effectiveness. It just takes a little more knowledge on the How To’s. I have informant on that as well. If any women out there are reading this and you have any questions feel free to find me on Instagram @Asiatic__Mind and shoot me a message!

*PLEASE NOTE: These products are not for women who are pregnant, or may be pregnant, Women who breastfeed, Virgins, IUD users or women in birth control*

I hope you enjoyed this article! Peace, and blessings… and have a great journey!

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